We Appreciate Your Donation!

The Unity Ministers Student Association (UMSA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing support and services to Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute's (UWSI) ministerial student body. We offer student support (academic, technological, and pastoral); communicate with UWSI's faculty and staff to improve the student's experience; organize webinars, social media outlets, receptions, social gatherings, and many other services in the interest of the student body.

As with most things in live, monetary funds are as much as necessary as all of our wonderful spiritual qualities. The UMSA Board of Directors decided to keep the UMSA membership without a fixed annual contribution. However, we do appreciate everyone's support to allow us to nurture the student body as we all grow into the honor of being a Unity ministers.

Any amount is appreciated. We affirm that the Law of Abundance will be at work in its glory. Thank you for your contribution.