admission preparation

To come prepared for the admission process is good practice. Shirley Knight, our secretary, with the help of other student's feedback has prepared a valuable and informative document to help with the preparation process. Do not miss to carefully study this "prep guide" before entering the admissions process. It will be worth it.

Document: Preparing for Unity Ministerial School Admissions

study guide general

This study guide will help you get ready for any level of interview, whether admissions or L&Os. It will help you craft your skill of providing appropriate and concise answers to the questions you may be facing.

Document: Study Guide 2017 (all levels)

study guide l&o

This study guide is more focused on your L&Os. It is quite extensive, yet you will not be able to rely only on this guide. However, this guide will give you a good foundation to be prepared for whenever a knowledge question (rather than behavioral) is coming your way.

Document: Study Guide 2017 (L&O)