Monthly UWSI Ministerial Student Body Meetings

After a poll in our student Facebook group, we will hold student body meetings for UWSI ministerial students on the first Wednesday of every month. Our next student body meeting will be on Wednesday, February 7, 2018. For meetings in the future, please consult our events calendar.

We will be using our Collaborate student lounge link ( for our student body meetings. Feel free to use the student lounge at any other time. It is open 24/7.

Jean-Marie Schweizer, LUT
President of the Board

UWSI Student Lounge

UWSI has provided UMSA with the ability to create Collaborate sessions, which allows us to organize meetings with the primary platform used at UWSI. For students to be able to meet outside of class, we created a UWSI Student Lounge. The lounge is open 24/7, and it is designed to be used by the UWSI Ministerial Student Body. 

Use the following link to join the lounge:

To keep it simple, our monthly student body meeting will use the same link to connect. We also plan to use the student lounge for L&Os so that students can meet before and after for processing.

We are grateful for UWSI to provide us with the ability to create Collaborate sessions. This will allow us to connect even more.

Jean-Marie Schweizer, LUT
President of the Board

Update to Ministerial Course Path

As UWSI announced yesterday, some changes were made to the ministerial course path. In short, these changes include:

  • Dropping of MAS-515 UWM Polity class in favor of credentialing informational sessions, offered in Spring 2018. Attendance to the Polity sessions are required for ordination.
  • Some changes to the credit hours for classes have been made:
    • HTS-510 Unity Perspectives is now a 3-credit course (rather than 2)
    • SPD-515 Credo is now a 2-credit course (rather than 1) 
    • MAS-660 Developing and Administering Youth & Family Ministry & MAS-500 YFM Intensive (intensive) earn now 3 credits together (instead of the former 5); the missing 2 credits have been redistributed as follows:
      • MAS-630 Trends in Ministry (1 credit)
      • MAS-505 Uniteen Event & MAS-510 Y.O.U Event (0.5 credit each)
  • More detailed information have been made available about the Uniteen & Y.O.U event requirement:
  • The new and updated ministerial course catalog and handbook (2017–2018) is now available online.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our student FB group or UWSI directly. 

Jean-Marie Schweizer, LUT
President of the Board

UWSI Scholarships for Ministerial Students

In the light of preparing for the winter term, some questions have been raised about that continuation of the generous scholarships offered in the fall. Here is the brief breakdown after confirmation with UWSI's executive director of education, Rev. Deborah Frownfelter.

  1. All approved scholarships for fall 2017 last until summer 2018 (including winter and spring terms). Please check your "Scholarship Award" letter for confirmation. 
  2. The assigned coupon code will change with each term. You will have to contact UWSI's registrar, Chris Gannan, to obtain the current coupon code. Please only do so after registrations have opened and you have already been awarded the appropriate scholarship.
  3. To apply for a scholarship, follow the instructions outlined here:

Please direct any further questions to our ministerial student FB forum or directly to UWSI.

Jean-Marie Schweizer, LUT
President of the Board

UWSI Meeting with UMSA Board

The UMSA Board had another productive meeting with UWSI (Deborah Frownfelter and Jim Gaither) on November 1, addressing some of the students' concerns discussed during our student body meeting. Many of our concerns have been heard and will be addressed in future faculty meetings as well as implemented accordingly in the next iteration of Blackboard classes (Spring 2018). 

UWSI emphasizes the importance of students using the course evaluation for more specific feedback. It is anonymous, and it is read and taken into account. Please make sure that you bring your concerns to UWSI's attention by using both the course evaluation and our student body meetings. This is the most effective way to encourage change.

We appreciate UWSI's willingness to create an open and uplifting environment to collaborate on continued improvements on students' experiences. A big thank you to UWSI's staff and faculty for allowing us to contribute to positive change.

Jean-Marie Schweizer
President of the Board

Launching Website

It's been a journey to be able to relaunch the UMSA. After Unity Institute has been dissolved, any previous efforts and structures have been removed. We are starting from scratch, and we are grateful for everyone's support. 

We now are able to take donations, which will be essential to get us off the ground. We are already very active in supporting our student body, mostly through our Facebook groups that we have established.

The Board of Directors is working hard on setting up the foundation for a thriving student association that will be a tremendous support to our student body. For sure, we all know that we welcome any help available.

Share you comments and let's start the conversation about what you would like to see evolve at our UMSA.