UWSI Meeting with UMSA Board

The UMSA Board had another productive meeting with UWSI (Deborah Frownfelter and Jim Gaither) on November 1, addressing some of the students' concerns discussed during our student body meeting. Many of our concerns have been heard and will be addressed in future faculty meetings as well as implemented accordingly in the next iteration of Blackboard classes (Spring 2018). 

UWSI emphasizes the importance of students using the course evaluation for more specific feedback. It is anonymous, and it is read and taken into account. Please make sure that you bring your concerns to UWSI's attention by using both the course evaluation and our student body meetings. This is the most effective way to encourage change.

We appreciate UWSI's willingness to create an open and uplifting environment to collaborate on continued improvements on students' experiences. A big thank you to UWSI's staff and faculty for allowing us to contribute to positive change.

Jean-Marie Schweizer
President of the Board