UWSI Scholarships for Ministerial Students

In the light of preparing for the winter term, some questions have been raised about that continuation of the generous scholarships offered in the fall. Here is the brief breakdown after confirmation with UWSI's executive director of education, Rev. Deborah Frownfelter.

  1. All approved scholarships for fall 2017 last until summer 2018 (including winter and spring terms). Please check your "Scholarship Award" letter for confirmation. 
  2. The assigned coupon code will change with each term. You will have to contact UWSI's registrar, Chris Gannan, to obtain the current coupon code. Please only do so after registrations have opened and you have already been awarded the appropriate scholarship.
  3. To apply for a scholarship, follow the instructions outlined here: http://www.unityworldwideministries.org/uwsi/UWSIMRSScholarship

Please direct any further questions to our ministerial student FB forum or directly to UWSI.

Jean-Marie Schweizer, LUT
President of the Board