Update to Ministerial Course Path

As UWSI announced yesterday, some changes were made to the ministerial course path. In short, these changes include:

  • Dropping of MAS-515 UWM Polity class in favor of credentialing informational sessions, offered in Spring 2018. Attendance to the Polity sessions are required for ordination.
  • Some changes to the credit hours for classes have been made:
    • HTS-510 Unity Perspectives is now a 3-credit course (rather than 2)
    • SPD-515 Credo is now a 2-credit course (rather than 1) 
    • MAS-660 Developing and Administering Youth & Family Ministry & MAS-500 YFM Intensive (intensive) earn now 3 credits together (instead of the former 5); the missing 2 credits have been redistributed as follows:
      • MAS-630 Trends in Ministry (1 credit)
      • MAS-505 Uniteen Event & MAS-510 Y.O.U Event (0.5 credit each)
  • More detailed information have been made available about the Uniteen & Y.O.U event requirement:
  • The new and updated ministerial course catalog and handbook (2017–2018) is now available online.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our student FB group or UWSI directly. 

Jean-Marie Schweizer, LUT
President of the Board