Welcome to Sacred Space!

Sacred Space is a student-organized experience to provide a place to sit back, relax, and raise our consciousness. We want to encourage everyone to take this time away from things of the world and invite an experience of deep awareness, healing, and rejuvenatination through re-connecting to our Oneness.

What this space is

  • A space to enter and release all worries and concerns 
  • An opportunity to find comfort, be transformed, and experience healing
  • A sacred time to connect at a deeper level

We are creating a contemplative atmosphere to nurture this experience.

What this Space is not

  • A place for discussion, venting, or sharing our issues and challenges
  • An opportunity for chatting or informal conversations

These are all important too, and if you need this type of venue, please use the other forums (Facebook, student lounge) provided for this purpose.

Please mute yourself throughout the entire experience.
You are welcome to use the chat to express your gratitude after the experience has concluded.
— The Sacred Space Team

Why focus on meditation?

Meditation is powerful in solitude and amplified in union with others. We assist each other as we reclaim our own inner power and abundance. So allow yourself this time to enter reverently and openly. Release all your burdens and step in with an  open mind ready to receive.

who is sacred space for?

At this time, we are extending this space to all UWSI students, faculty, and staff. In the near future, we will open this experience up for anyone to join.

Who is involved?

We are a small, student-driven core group currently made up of

  • Karen Patrick
  • Lisa Herklotz
  • Jim Ernstsen
  • Ev Gonzalez Godina
  • and Jean-Marie Schweizer

who organize and host Sacred Space.

Can I join to help?

Yes! We are looking for experienced meditators to join our group and support our efforts to continue to provide this space to us and others. If you have an interest in hosting a meditation experience, please contact any core group member.



Jean-Marie Schweizer, LUT


Jean-Marie has been a meditation teacher for over 20 years, teaching meditation and metaphysical principles around the world and in various settings (classes, workshops, retreats). He has a combined experience of nearly 40 years, practicing various types of meditations and now subscribing to and teaching Silence Meditation, a methodology allowing to "pray without ceasing" (1 Thess. 5:17) with eyes closed and open, sitting still or being active. Jean-Marie believes that meditation is the ultimate form of affirmative prayer in true surrender, allowing the Christ Idea to unfold without too much baggage—a mindfulness approach to spiritual living.

IMG_Karen laughing pic-Edit.jpeg

karen ellen patrick, MSW, CSW


Karen has been a private practice therapist for
over thirty years integrating meditation and energy healing in
psychotherapy. She is a meditation teacher with Tenzin Wangyal
Rinpoche's international meditation training program, The 3 Doors:
Transforming Lives through Meditation. Her alternative ministry, “Embrace
Wholeness: Healing the Illusion of Separation” offers people opportunities
to release blocks and become aware of their divine essence through
meditation, energy healing and affirmative prayer. Currently, she is a
candidate for Ordination in Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute's MinisterialReligious Studies program.

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