Sacred space

Sacred space gives us what it says it will do, a sacred space. Going through the ministerial program can be challenging, stressful, and sometimes even upsetting. Entering our sacred space, we are invited to let it all go. We allow the opportunity for healing to arise within us and within others.

Who Is Invited?

Sacred space is open to all UWSI students, faculty, and staff. But we are not going to stop there. We will keep our sacred space open for everyone who feels compelled and drawn to join us. Invite your family, friends, or even your congregation. Ask someone you need a healing experience with to join. We are only limited by technology, not by intent.

Heart Agreements

We have a few heart agreements that we expect everyone to follow as they enter our sacred space.

  • Participants will not talk – Our sacred space is for being, not for talking. If you want to communicate, feel free to go to the student lounge to do so. 
  • Presenters will not solicit – Anyone who presents does it so for the sole purpose to share their gift with others. Solicitation is not allowed. No announcements, no promotions, no talk beside what belongs to the sacred ritual.
  • Participants may chat – As participants are moved, they may quietly express themselves, give feedback, and share their love via chat. Feel free to thank the presenter for sharing their gift. Again, solicitation is not allowed and conversations can move to the student lounge.

Sacred space is a place where there is no need for communication. Instead we are invited to simply be. Feel free to join and leave as you desire. Everyone is welcome.