We provide support for ministerial students with their

  • academic,
  • technological,
  • and pastoral care needs. 

Senior students volunteer help out and mentor those requiring support.


We represent the student body as we communicate with UWSI's faculty and staff. Our current concerns include

  • BlackBoard setup and usage
  • Clarity of syllabi, grading rubrics, penalties, etc.
  • Instructor accountabilities (grading, feedback, etc.)
  • Admissions process (statistics, procedures, instructor input, cost)
  • And many more...


We help organize several events to make sure that the student body gets to meet outside of the classroom and has the opportunity to build relationships:

  • Student body meetings during terms to discuss current issues and concerns
  • Receptions and dinners at intensives for social gatherings
  • Annual meetings (at intensives) to hold elections and provide opportunities to collaborate on the UMSA's direction and services
  • And other fun stuff...


We provide helpful feedback throughout the various stages of ministerial school. Additionally, we are building a comprehensive knowledge base with important documents (e.g. for admissions).