the legal and quick-read stuff

The Unity Ministers Student Association (UMSA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing support and services to Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute's (UWSI) ministerial student body. We offer student support (academic, technological, and pastoral); communicate with UWSI's faculty and staff to improve the student's experience; organize webinars, social media outlets, receptions, social gatherings, and many other services in the interest of the student body.

our purpose

Our purpose is "to promote fellowship and cooperation among the students, faculty and administration of Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute, and to represent the ministerial students" (Article of Incorporation, §4.2).

The People

We all are ministerial students at UWSI. We are mix from various backgrounds and are at different stages of our educational process (1st-year, 2nd-year, 3rd-year). Those who have graduated from UWSI will be able to remain as alumni to stay connected and continue to serve as mentors. The whole point of our association is to build relationships while addressing students' concerns. 


The current "leaders" of the UMSA are those students who have spent time and energy to bring this endeavor to fruition. You'll find most of them to be on the board of directors. However, there are many more who have helped and supported our efforts in the background without the formal recognition. We are grateful for everyone's passion to create this platform for UWSI students to communicate effectively their challenges, needs, and contributions.